2020 Reflection

  • Mary Macpherson
  • 12/31/20

What a strange year this has been...running some SF real estate numbers for 2020: we've had 5,215 residential sales (residential in SF means homes, condos and 2-4 unit buildings, and down a bit from 2019's 5,470 sales), with an average sales price of $1.690m (slightly up from 2019's $1.684m), similar prices/sqft (2020 was $1,027/SF, 2019 was $1,048/SF), and days on market averaged 35 this year compared to 32 last year. 

When the virus news hit in March, agents wondered what the rest of the year would bring. But when we were allowed to carefully return to work, we got things done. It wasn't always efficient (will we ever host an open house again?), but buyers saw and bought homes, sellers prepped and sold homes, and we chugged along. 

I answered calls from news outlets asking me about the 'mass exodus' from San Francisco, and I'll say now what I said then: things seem eerily 'normal.' Certainly, we saw the same movement in and out of the City that we always see (spring and summer flight to the suburbs, an influx of new buyers who love our climate and diversity (both in industry and people), and buyers (and homeowners who stayed put) who ultimately believe in all that makes San Francisco so great—temporarily dimmed by the pandemic.





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